The Temple of Time by Emma Willard, 1846. Stanford Libraries.

This project was generously funded by the Toronto Arts Council

A Leap of Faith ( 2022

This first person WebGL simulation takes the viewer on a journey to discover extraordinary phenomenons that happen in our atmosphere, that most will never experience in real life because of physical limitations. This project is inspired by Emma Willard, who was and still is America's first female map maker. Influenced by Willard's approach of info graphics and cartography, this world immerses the viewer via color and font. Willard's temple is intensely decorated with the history of the world, while in my WebGL simulation you experience three atmospheric phenomenon. A teleportation system allows you to travel to three landscapes where you can experiencing depictions of  Aurora, 22 Degree Halo and Meteors. Inspired by painterly depictions of atmospheric phenomenon, that range from en plein air painting to imagined scenes of phenomenon in the sky, from the 17th-20th century. Through room-scale 3D-painting, I used Tilt Brush to craft VR painted skyboxes to immerse the viewer in. The audio in this world consists of four original soundtracks that were crafted with a Roland A-88 and Adobe Audition, injected into unity as spherical audio.

Audio: original 360 soundtrack composed, designed and produced by Jawa El Khash

Tools: Unity URP / Houdini Side FX / Substance Painter / Tilt Brush / Oculus Rift

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