Axiom by Kate Ward, 2021. Film.

Luminous Axiom ( 2021

As a response to Kate Ward's axiom piece, this WebGL simulation takes place in a night themed landscape inspired by the shoreline of Nova Scotia, where lichen is the only luminous and animated force. Lichen is considered to be among the oldest living organisms, and is often used as an environmental indicator, providing information about its ecological surrounding. My approach to digitally resurrecting the lichen is to use oversized scale and reflective material to enhance the magical nature and presence of lichen. Unless you are aware of the many different forms lichen exists in, it is easy to miss its presence within a forest. In the WebGL simulation, the lichen is clearly the protagonist of the environment. The reflective and luminous material attracts the viewers attention to its complex structure, life form and the unique presence of the lichen. The lichen is constantly in motion, speaking to its nature as an organism that breathes life into its surrounding.

Commissioned & exhibited at Lumiere contemporary arts festival 2021

Audio by John Kennedy

Tools: Houdini Side FX, Unity

2021 — Group exhibition at Lumiere contemporary arts festival, curated by Laura Collinet
Press: Lumiere art at night festival to transform downtown sydney

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