The Upper Side of the Sky is a virtual reality experience that investigates resurrecting archeology and recontextualizing nature, that are now endangered or non existent as a result of war and destruction. This digital ecosystem consists of a greenhouse, courtyard, chrysalis chamber, and other destroyed monuments from the ancient Syrian desert Palmyra. This world speaks to urban resilience, plant existence, and to the juxtaposition between anthropocentric and biocentric identities. The experience conceptually engages in geographical and political displacement, preservation, plant life, and colonialism. In the context of technology that is threatening nature, there is a chance for us to reutilize it, as a provider of lives. Digitizing lost architecture and plant life, not to save them, but to give them an opportunity to live in different life forms, and to act as a record for future generations and to allow them the same access to create a world for them to exist in. "Monuments, as embodiments of history, religion, art and science, are significant and complex repositories of cultural narratives” words by Roger Michel, the Executive Director of the Institute for Digital Archeology. These cultural narratives play an important role in taking back control of these lost objects, that are now endangered and some non existent as a result of war and destruction.

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Objects: Greenhouse

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