The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants by Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz and Aristid Lindenmayer


Exhibited by Evergreen Brick Works, supported by Canada Council for the Arts and presented in partnership with Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.


Natures Algorithm ( + Digital Holography) 2023

Nature’s Algorithm comes to life in two ways, exploring time, space, and memory through digitally generated holograms presented in an indoor installation at Evergreen Brick Works, and in a online WebGL simulation that can be experienced on This world reveals the mathematical algorithm underlying plant life, resurrecting forgotten flora and species existing on the grounds of the Evergreen Brick Works, imagining a diverse future ecosystem. Our eyes cannot see nature's soul, but only its fingerprints. Using art and technology, a WebGL simulation and a series of four luminous holograms showcase environmental ecology, connecting the human-made world to the organic, geometric marvels that inspire it.

Documentation: Ibrahim Abusitta

Audio: original 360 soundtrack composed, designed and produced by Jawa El Khash. Mixed and mastered by Patrick Perez

Tools: 3Ds Max, Chaos VRay & Chaos Pheonix for digital holograms. Unity, Houdini Side FX, Speed Tree and Adobe Substance for WebGL

Installation: hand painted copper plinths, full color digital holograms, custom RGB lighting

2023 — Exhibited at Evergreen Brick Works, curated by Charlene K. Lau with program officer Joanne Bowers
Press: Evergreen Brick Works presents Nature's Algorithm


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