Raqqa Ware 2.0 (3D Models) WIP

Raqqa ware 2.0 is an archive of 3D ceramics that capture the life and death of Raqqa ware. Through its exuberant colors, ornaments and iconic glazed finishes, the zeitgeist of medieval Raqqa peaks through to show us its cultural presence among the few surviving pottery. Inspired by the form and function of Raqqa ware pottery, Raqqa ware 2.0 aims to revitalize the ancient pottery into a contemporary identity, not as a direct imitation, but as an attempt to capture the true essence, life force and originality of Raqqa ware. Through the 3D model archive, the spirit of Raqqa ware will once again be-reborn, into a digital life form free from destruction, with the potential to live in several media such as VR/AR, online simulations, and digital holograms.

This project is generously funded by the Canadian Council for the Arts

Tools: Houdini Side FX, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Adobe Illustrator, Hand Rendered Drawings

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