Syrian Raqqa Fritware Tile. Date: 1150-1250. Aga Khan Museum.


This project was generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario


Tiles Revisited ( 2023

Tiles Revisited is a web based simulation that revitalizes an ancient tile by re-imagining the way we can experience it online using Unity WebGL. Resembling a labyrinth, a single tile will be transformed from a 2D image into an extruded 3D landscape that one can navigate and be immersed in. This style of linear storytelling looks to the future of archiving by inviting the world into an accessible interactive way of learning the history of a single ancient tile. While each corner may seem like a detour, you will be surrounded by historical information that decorates the interior walls. The elements that serve to educate are present in the form of interactive docents such as audio triggers and original soundtracks. Tiles Revisited is a long term project that I plan to continue developing into a 3D archive and this project covers Lot #1, the first chosen tile of Tiles Revisited.

Tools: Unity, Houdini Side FX, Substance Painter, Substance Designer

Audio: original 360 soundtrack composed, designed and produced by Jawa El Khash


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